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title. noah

client. autism awareness

date. 2017

Meet Noah. A happy, energetic, loving and fun young boy. He has verbal apraxia and a sensory disorder that makes it hard for him to communicate. Behavioural therapy has worked wonders for Noah and his family. And in this short film, Noah's Mum, Alison, tells us a little about how Noah sees the world.


Inspired deeply by the visuals in the poetic photo journal by Rosie Barnes about her autistic son, "Understanding Stanley", and with Alison's voiceover, we try to convey, albeit very briefly, what it's like to live with autism, and with a greater understanding, we can come to know more about autism and make the world a better place for those living with the condition.


Special thanks to Syml, who let us use the track "Leave Like That" on the visuals.
And special thanks to Rosie Barnes for her inspiring personal documentary series, Understanding Stanley.

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