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client. erada fitness

date. 2021


Director: Omar Khalifa

DoP: Christopher Moon

Producer and Camera: Nic van der Bijl



Ashiq Khan @ashiqkhanofficial

Sebastian Kuusiholma @sebastian_jjk

Cenon Costales @ascenonalaykum

Jamie Greasby @jamiegreasby

Mohammed Saparas @moe_sap

Dimitris Tolios #dimitriostolios

Paul Dabu @allanpaul_d

Lakshani Aloka @luckyallure

Gohar Farooq @gfb786

Walter Cavatoi @walter_cavatoi_color

Scott Houston @soundsbyscott


Big thanks to @duhailsc for bringing us in to make their @puma kit reveal film. The #roadto2022 is nearing and it’s a pleasure to get more football content made from Qatar for the world to see #redknights! Director's Cut. Music 'Les Sins - Prelims'


client. al duhail sc x puma

title. kit reveal

date. 2020

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 11.05.02 PM.png
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