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YEAR 2022


Belinda Duong, Jeff Kunjumon

Jason Rivers, Hannah Bellemore

Llewellyn Cordier, Henry Davis

Russel Quamar-Couch, Ben Bawden

James Copplestone Farmer, Ellie Spencer-Harty

And Sean Tay.


Written & Directed by Omar Khalifa

Producer, Jemina Legaspi

Executive Producer, Omar Khalifa

Director of Photography, Christopher Moon

Production Designer, Alleine Nadal Khalifa

Editor, James W Griffiths

Costume Designers, Saadia Khabab & Samyah Abou Rahma

First AD: Aydin Baatyrbekov


"Technology meets chemical crime when an international counter-terrorism force discovers a threat unlike any before, sparking a race against time to prevent disaster." 


INTERPOL exist to stop bad things happening. They help police in almost 200 countries across the globe work together to make the world a safer place.


With ‘Project Crimp’, INTERPOL are leading a global effort to identify and reduce the risks posed by chemicals and their precursors that can be made - shockingly easily - into weapons. Terrorist attacks using CBRNE materials − chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives – can have catastrophic consequences on communities and infrastructure.


And so INTERPOL work with governments, law enforcement and chemical industry partners all over the world to stop that bad stuff happening.


The goal of this video was to establish a sustainable outreach product that could be used across all global Crimp capacity-building workshops and other chemical prevention and terrorist related activities. Levelling up from the previous award-winning Interpol Film (Project Litmus, 2019), Project Crimp shows how easily hazardous materials can be stolen, shaped and used for terrorist activities.


With a focus, in particular, on how vulnerabilities in security can lead to the theft, manipulation and use of unmanned drones as weapons. The film was shot entirely in Doha, Qatar as a Gotham-esque metropolis with an English-speaking cast. And while shot with dramatic intentions, every scene in the film is a piece of education that allows INTERPOL to communicate best practice to their 195-member nation audience as they take the film to conference-openers around the world.

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