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YEAR 2022


Production Company: THE FILM HOUSE, Qatar.
Director, Writer and Editor: Omar Khalifa
Producer: Ingrid Chouheiri
Motion Design: James W Griffiths
Edit Assistant: Ibrahim Abazeed
Sound Design: Scott Houston
Production Co-ordinator: Ameera Al-Said
Production Co-ordinator: Giordana Fogaça Bido
Music: Kyle Preston

Images: Getty/Resuters/Shutterstock
With thanks for Auditoire Qatar



Do you like them? Do you need them? Do you peer over them? Wish you were on the other side of them?

Intrinsically and conceptually, this film for Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Doha Forum 2022 is about boundaries. On one side, the world we take for granted, and on the other, the side we don’t do enough about.

We’ve always been about boundaries. From communities and nation-states, to colonialism, protecting, expanding, contracting. We have them within us, and these days it’s ok to talk about them, it’s even encouraged. It’s probably the dichotomy that exists within all of us, the idea of letting people in and keeping people out.

There’s us, and there’s them.

But, until we really cross the boundary, with curiosity, affability - love, even - we’ll never truly create a global value system. A truly global village that sees equity, equality, sharing, caring, giving to give and not to receive, a distribution of wealth for the sake of it and not the mandate. Common goals and common good. Idealism, right? Maybe not.

Inspired by, and with the blessing of, Uğur Gallenkuş. Removed from, but in acknowledgement of that incredible Nike ad. And made by The Film House Qatar.

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